Oxjam Bedford Music Festival, Esquires, 2014


Walking into Esquires – Bedford’s premier small music venue, tucked away off of Bromham Road – I realised how little I knew about the venue, the people that run it and the local bands that play there.

This time, unusually, I wasn’t seeing a band but I was volunteering with the Oxjam Bedford Team – music minded duo John and Jamie – along with other volunteers to raise money for Oxfam.

Jamie, Priya (Me)
Jamie and I (Image via https://thebedfordclanger.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/clanger-review-oxjam-takes-over-bedford/)

Each year, a team of hard working volunteers manage the project from start to finish – they find venues, volunteers and bands to put on a day long live music festival.

Behind the scenes I was met with a buzz of bodies: musicians, roadies, groupies, techies and local music lovers – who like a merry go round of music madness, went into one door and out of another.

Working in Esquires – where countless  artists and bands; local, national and international have played (and walked the same floor!) – including the likes of Coldplay, Deer Tick, Mona, Tim Burgess, Cloud Control, Teleman and Elbow – was not only intriguing, fun and fast paced – but a lesson in local music history.



So, if you’re thinking about volunteering next year, well I’d say what are you waiting for? If you love live music, want to support the local music scene, talk to music aficionados and above all raise money for a good cause, then you’d fit right in.



Don’t you just love my shoddy pictures 😉

You can read more about the day here: https://thebedfordclanger.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/clanger-review-oxjam-takes-over-bedford/




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