Need Some Nookie In Your Diet? Nookie Bars Review


Doug and Mark Rowe are the kind of food geeks that, “you see in the shops inspecting the ingredients labels on the back of every product.” Hands up if you do the same.

The brothers are on a mission to help people cut out the junk and ‘food like products’ from their diets.

So they started making Nookie Bars, snack bars without a lot of the usual nasty ingredients – they’re gluten free and dairy free too.

There is still CHOCOLATE – CHUNKS OF IT!

Doug from Nookie Bar HQ kindly sent two flavours for review.

The Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip bar is smooth and not too sweet plus it has a strong taste of sesame seeds – which I liked, my fussy sister not so much.

My personal fave is the dark green Almond Butter, Spirulina and Chocolate Chunk flavour – don’t worry there’s no sign of Spirulina’s pond water smell or taste! (My packet of Spirulina powder is still hiding away in a cupboard. Do I put in food or make a face mask?) It’s a lovely chewy textured bar with an earthy taste and delicious chunks of choc on top.

Yoghurt + granola topped with chunks of the Spirulina Nookie Bar

The bars are small but satisfying and make perfect toppings for overnight oats, puds or just munching on the go.

Why not try chucking some chunks on top of your morning smoothies or Easter bakes.

I had a chat with Doug to find out more.

– What inspired you and Marcus to create Nookie Bars? 

It was Marcus’s work over five years or so prior to us launching. He has always been into clean diets and he wanted to help people have a better option when giving themselves a treat.

The traditional confectionery bars such as Snickers – which you will see our peanut bar has a similar taste to – is just full of low grade ingredients. Thus could we produce something that tastes as good but is actually so much better for you. Healthy people are happier people!

What makes Nookie Bar’s unique?

We believe it is the fact that we have created really great tasting snack bars but without a lot of the nasty ingredients.

We’ve also run a chocolate theme through the brand. We conch our own chocolate recipe in London. All of the above comes as well with the bars being gluten and dairy free.

If you look at some brands like KIND who have some tasty products that are pretty clean but their third ingredient is glucose syrup. NAKD bars are the combination of nuts and seeds and sell really well but we’ve tried to get a more interesting bite taste.

– What are your plans moving forward? 

We are trying to get in to more retail outlets so that we can grow our customer base. We’ll most likely be looking to add some new flavours to the mix in the second half of the year. And we will also be looking to hire our first full-time member of staff.

I’m looking forward to seeing what flavours the Rowe Bros come up with next.

Find out more and buy online over at the Nookie Bar website


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