Fiovana Cordials Review

Fiovana is the brainchild of David Folkman and Craig Jones, two ex-innocent drinks employees.

Spurred on by the fact that water, ‘whilst keeping us alive, just isn’t exciting.’ They decided to create a range of better-for-you cordials blended with superfruit extracts and coconut sugar.

Available in an array of interesting flavours including Yuzu, Spanish Lemon and Lucuma, Lime, Mint & Baobob and Blood Orange, Carrot & Maca.

David kindly sent a sample of drinks to review.

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Lemon, Mint & Baobab

A refreshing and energizing sweet and sour experience, a nice mouth cleanser and pick me up.

Mango, Passion Fruit & Goji Berry

A tropical explosion in the mouth, with a ripe mango flavour paired with tart, tangy passion fruit.

Pomegranate, Cherry & Cardamom

A clean taste of pomegranate coupled with juicy cherries, though not as much cardamom as I expected (I am used to cardamom crammed chai tea.)

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to refined sugar, sweetener filled squashes and cordials, try Fiovana’s range of mouthwatering cordials.

Q&A with David

How do you go about concocting the superfruit flavours?

Craig (my business partner) and I used to work at innocent drinks. The then head of product developed, Lucy Thomas, now works with young brands creating new products – Lucy helped develop all our products and came up with the idea of using coconut nectar as a way to sweeten our drinks.

What is the most unusual flavoured cordial?

People buy our drinks because they’re all quite unusual and not the sort of flavours you find in the shops. I think the most unique is Yuzu, Spanish Lemon and Lucuma, it has two better-for you ingredients that most people don’t know; Yuzu and Lucuma.

So we hear the terms superfood/ superfruit a lot; what are some of the benefits of drinking Fiovana cordials over other types of cordial or squash type drinks?

We don’t make any claims that our drinks will promote health, by the time they have been diluted with water there’s only a small amount of the good stuff in them. We include the unusual ingredients for two reasons, taste and also to introduce people to better-for-you ingredients that they may not have heard of. Our hope is that they’ll then look for them to include within their regular shop. Compared to other cordials and squash our drinks are significantly better for people in general. We have about no refined sugar and no artificial ingredients that make us unique in the category.

Your packaging is beautifully eye-catching. Tell me about how you work with International Artists? 

Thanks you. Carrying on the theme of being unique compared to other brands sitting on supermarket shelves, we were keen to make sure our bottles look beautiful, almost collectible. We worked with three illustrators to design our bottle labels, one is from London, one from Barcelona and one in Berlin – we took an international approach to make sure we worked with the best European talent we could find.

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The prettiest postcard. We could all do with getting  whisked away for some Winter Sun.

Fiovana drinks offer a flexible subscription service, from £9.99 a month for three  beautifully designed bottles delivered straight through your letterbox.

Find out more about Fiovana cordials subscription service here.



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