Strong Asian Mothers Talk Spicy Snacks, Traumatic Holidays & Leaving London to Record Their Latest EP

Wandering down the dark stairs at London’s Kamio venue, I was struck by a feeling of dread. Mostly because the walls are painted in a red and black vortex design, which got me thinking what’s at the end of the stairs?

I was about about to interview Strong Asian Mothers, ahead of their first headline show of the year.

The room was dark but surprisingly spacious, band members, support acts and the backstage crew were busy clattering around onstage.

Drummer Josh and I waited politely whilst Strong Asian Son Amer was nestled in the sound booth. He suddenly dropped to his knees, got on all fours, searching for something in the dark – a micro SD card it turns out to record the gig on. Lead singer Kalim aka Khushi’s delicate vocals drifted in from the green room…

Strong Asian Mothers, released their latest EP, Animal earlier this year. I sat down for a chat with the band whilst they chowed down on Sainsbury’s Finest baguette and tzatziki that might’ve been slightly off.

Have a listen to our chat below:

The Animal EP is out now.


Music: Spring King Live Review + Q&A

Spring King played at Bedford Esquires last month, yes it was epic, you can read my review here. 

I chatted to frontman Tarek Musa about the new album Tell Me If You Like To, learned 3 easy Polish phrases and found out about surreal tour happenings.




Oxjam Bedford Music Festival, Esquires, 2014


Walking into Esquires – Bedford’s premier small music venue, tucked away off of Bromham Road – I realised how little I knew about the venue, the people that run it and the local bands that play there.

This time, unusually, I wasn’t seeing a band but I was volunteering with the Oxjam Bedford Team – music minded duo John and Jamie – along with other volunteers to raise money for Oxfam.

Jamie, Priya (Me)
Jamie and I (Image via

Each year, a team of hard working volunteers manage the project from start to finish – they find venues, volunteers and bands to put on a day long live music festival.

Behind the scenes I was met with a buzz of bodies: musicians, roadies, groupies, techies and local music lovers – who like a merry go round of music madness, went into one door and out of another.

Working in Esquires – where countless  artists and bands; local, national and international have played (and walked the same floor!) – including the likes of Coldplay, Deer Tick, Mona, Tim Burgess, Cloud Control, Teleman and Elbow – was not only intriguing, fun and fast paced – but a lesson in local music history.



So, if you’re thinking about volunteering next year, well I’d say what are you waiting for? If you love live music, want to support the local music scene, talk to music aficionados and above all raise money for a good cause, then you’d fit right in.



Don’t you just love my shoddy pictures 😉

You can read more about the day here:



Ja Ja Ja Nordic Music Festival 

I went along the Ja Ja Ja Nordic Festival at the Roundhouse in Camden, London, to find out what makes Nordic music so special.

Mew, Ja Ja Ja Nordic Festival, Roundhouse Camden
Danish band Mew, performing onstage at the Roundhouse, Camden
Tantalising Nordic lollipops at Ja Ja Ja Nordic Festival, Roundhouse

Press play/ click on the link below to hear the festival’s attendees talk about Nordic music:

To find out more about Nordic Music and the Ja Ja Ja Festival visit:

Emily Maguire – Interview

British Singer-songwriter Emily Maguire opened up about her bipolar disorder to fans in 2010. She released her 4th album ‘Bird Inside A Cage’ in 2013.

I interviewed Emily after her gig at The Ent Shed in Bedford on March 22nd, 2014.

Have a listen below:

To find out more about Emily Maguire, visit