Noreen Khan – BBC Asian Network Presenter – Q&A

I had the pleasure of talking to BBC Asian Network’s Noreen Khan about all things fashion, food,  having big hair and  her tips for getting into the media.

Have a listen below:

Check out her show on weekday afternoon’s on the BBC’s Asian Network.


Emily Maguire – Interview

British Singer-songwriter Emily Maguire opened up about her bipolar disorder to fans in 2010. She released her 4th album ‘Bird Inside A Cage’ in 2013.

I interviewed Emily after her gig at The Ent Shed in Bedford on March 22nd, 2014.

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True Detective – Finale Review (Contains Spoilers)

True Detective poster
True Detective poster

True Detective – Finale Review

Spoiler alert: This review is for people who have seen the series finale of True Detective

A triumph for TV, HBO produced series True Detective, has surprised, shocked and at times made us cry. Agh! at the thought of not seeing a second season helmed by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Creator Nic Pizzolatto, director Cary Fukunaga and cinematographer Adam Arkapaw have raised the bar with this slow burning murder mystery – which has kept TV audiences talking worldwide.

Set in the south, against the backdrop of the Louisiana Bayou, the setting gives us an insight into the grim and sordid underbelly of small town life that Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson) encounter on their hunt to track down a grisly serial killer, which shifts between 1995 to 2012.

Fast forward eight episodes to the finale and the dynamic duo are hot on the heels of serial killer Errol Childress, running frantically through his despicable den of torture; it’s not the fact that he’s the villain, that’s shocking or surprising. It’s the rushed and accidental way in which Marty and Rust find the evidence that thrusts us further away from the shows’ signature pace.

The heart of the story so far, has revolved around the dysfunctional duo’s relationship which has been entertaining, uncomfortable and at times funny. The show excels in captivating our attention and powerfully plods along with mystery and tension. All the while fuelled by McConaughey’s surly and sinister portrayal of a cop in too deep in contrast to Marty – his quieter counterpart’s equally troublesome journey.

A key to the show’s success has been the slow burning evolution of Rust and Marty’s intense but captivating relationship. In the finale, no longer are we treated to the stare-offs or long and winding conversations that have made this pairing work. We have to endure the failed attempt to rush a good-natured relationship – the results of which are shown in a cringingly comedic scene at the hospital.

Veteran music producer T. Bone Burnett has added to the show’s high quality production value and cinematic feel, by choosing The Handsome Family’s ‘Far From Any Road’ as the title theme song, and picking song choices that are equally as captivating as eerie.

Despite the final episode’s misgivings, True Detective’s edgy, enthralling thrill ride, will long be revered for its cinematic appeal and slow-burning sensation, perfectly encapsulated by the infamous 12 minute tracking shot from the season’s fourth episode.

Relive the scene below.